Why You Should Keep Your Email And Website Hosting Separately?

Hosting a company’s website and email at the same place looks to have gotten more difficult in the previous two or three years. As the company expands, workers are hired, suppliers are contracted, and email becomes more crucial and regular. I will be discussing the reason Why you should keep your email and website hosting separately?
It’s not that the structure of email has changed or that its volume has increased; rather, the technology that surrounds it has. Email is becoming increasingly widely used, particularly in the business sphere. As the need for and use of business-grade email grows, so do user expectations.

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Why You Should Keep Your Email and Website Hosting Separately?


  1. Website Hosting

A web server can be a great place to host a website, providing stability and speed, but their email service falls short. Email service may be interrupted from time to time. Because most people use a shared web hosting provider, their domain and IP address are shared with hundreds of other people, you run the danger of having your IP blocked and tagged as spam because another user on your server has been hacked and is unintentionally sending spam mail. It may be difficult to correct this.


  1. Technology Advancement

The POP3 email address that came with your web hosting was previously allowed. POP3 is a one-way messaging protocol. We were accustomed to sending all of our emails from a single device. We can now access our email from a number of platforms thanks to mobile technologies such as cell phones, tablet PCs, and iPads. Having your email synchronized utilizing systems such as Exchange or Gmail Apps will enhance your workflow since it allows you to sync your emails across many platforms.

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  1. Change of the Host Company


Your web hosting move will be easier if you keep your email separate. Your website can be moved more easily if it is always down, sluggish, or in need of improvement. When it comes to changing your address, switching to web hosting companies is the most difficult task. A backup is required if there is anything on the servers. Take into consideration the inconvenience of having to import email messages.


  1. Support Responsibility


Every day, seven days a week, your email must be accessible. Email outages lasting more than 3 or 4 hours might result in financial loss for the business owner. Hosting your email with an email-specific provider like Google Workspace ensures that you’ll get better assistance. As opposed to your website and email, they are largely responsible for maintaining your email server running.

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